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Selection Visualizer

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插件名称 Selection Visualizer
前置插件 worldedit
兼容服务端 1.7-1.13
作者 Zrips
源地址 spigotmc


这款插件可以让你看见创世神的选区、粘贴建筑的位置、区块边界,以及Factions/Kingdoms/Residence/Towny 的声明土地边界


WorldEdit|创世神 WorldGuard|区域保护 Factions|派系 FactionsUUID|派系 LegacyFactions|派系 GriefPrevention|领地 Residence|领地 Kingdoms|王国 Towny|城镇 Dice Furniture|家具 Jobs|职业 iZone|领地 WorldBorder|世界边界 CommandBlocks|命令方块


  • 没有限制! 你可以选择任意形状的选区! ​
  • 性能至上
  • 支持任意粒子​
  • 提供菜单,方便操作
  • 每位玩家都可以设置自己想要的粒子包括粒子间距、范围、数量、更新延迟 和显示时间.​
  • 支持粘贴版建筑预览
  • 支持 iZone 选区
  • 支持创世神各种类型的选区
  • 支持 WorldBorder 方形和圆形边界
  • 支持 WorldGuard 选区
  • 支持Kingdoms ,用三种不同的粒子效果来区别自己/敌人/盟友的土地
  • 支持Towny 用三种不同的粒子效果来区别自己/敌人/盟友的土地
  • 支持Dice Furniture,用粒子来显示家具将会被放置的位置
  • 支持Jobs Reborn ,显示 限制区域和当前选区
  • 支持 Residence 领地保护区
  • 支持Factions/FactionsUUID ,用三种不同的粒子效果来区别自己/敌人/盟友的土地
  • 支持GriefPrevention 选区
  • 创建一条粒子线到你所视的方块.
  • 可以显示刷怪笼的有效范围和实体生成范围
  • 可以显示命令方块的选区。如 @a[x=1,y=116,z=-40,dx=10,dy=9,dz=3] 和 @a[x=1,y=116,z=-40,r=5,rm=10]​
  • 可以显示当前所处区块
  • 可以开关和 ChunkBorders mod功能一样的区块网格.
  • 可以开关查看其他玩家的选区
  • 可以通过指令开关选区粒子效果
  • 可设置最大粒子范围
  • 可设置每个玩家可视的最大粒子数来防止卡服和客户端. 优化过的代码会均匀地散布粒子来并避免多余的粒子.​
  • 可以设置显示粒子的最大距离
  • 可以设置粒子的更新时间
  • 可以设置粒子间距
  • 可以设置粒子行距
  • 可以分离不同选区显示的粒子


  • /svis gui (type) - 打开菜单
  • /svis we (paste) (lock/tp) - 如果不输入 paste 就会显示 WE 的选区而不是粘贴板 (WE选区也是默认显示的). If paste variable used then possible paste location will be shown for accurate positioning even after using rotate or flip functions. Option to lock current position to enable movement around and get closer look where paste ends up. Option to teleport to locked position for simple adjustments or actual paste.​
  • /svis fc (fixy) - 显示 factions claim lands in 3 different colors depending your relationship with that faction.​
  • /svis towny (fixy) - 显示 towny claim lands in 3 different colors depending your relationship with that town.​
  • /svis wg (regionName) - 显示 region boundaries you currently in (region with lowest priority will be shown if there is more than 1 pressent) or by defined name​
  • /svis res (residenceName) (-s) (-a) - 显示 residence boundaries you currently in or by defined name. -s variable stands for subzones, so by providing it you will see subzones too (only one layer deep for convenience purposes). -a variable is to show all surrounding residences, usefull if you want to check what is protected and what is not in area​
  • /svis gp (fixy) - 显示你所在的 GriefPrevention圈地边界.​
  • /svis izone - 显示 iZone 选区.​
  • /svis spawner - 显示 spawner activation range and mob spawning range arround it​
  • /svis grid (fixy) - 显示 chunk grid (Factions server friendly feature)​
  • /svis cb - 显示 command block selection area if its set. Need to be looking at block it self.​
  • /svis chunk - 显示 current chunk​
  • /svis toggle - Toggles visualizer for player​
  • /svis watch [nickname/info/stop] - option to see other people selections​
  • /svis reload - reload configuration file​

每个指令都有对应的权限节点,如 sv.command.[指令名] (比如 sv.command.chunk) and missisng permission node will be show while hovering over error message

  • sv.worldedit.use - allows to see WE selections​
  • sv.factions.use - allows to see Factions claim on land claiming/unclaiming​
  • sv.kingdoms.use - allows to see Kingdoms claim on land claiming/unclaiming​
  • sv.izone.use - allows to see izone selections​
  • sv.towny.use - allows to see Towny claim on land claiming/unclaiming​
  • - allows to see GriefPrevention claims on edit or info tool usage​
  • sv.cb.use - allows to see CommandBlock selection areas​
  • - allows to see your current selection with Jobs selection tool​
  • - allows to use Dice Furniture feature​
  • sv.command.[command] - gives access to specific command​
  • sv.versioncheck - gives access to see when new plugin version is available​
  • sv.command.svgui.bypass - Bypasses set limits when using GUI​
  • Permission for GUI editing particular type. All of them are given by default, so negate to prevent editing of them. This will not disable particular visualizer, just prevents GUI​
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.wepaste
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.wecyl
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.wepoly
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.weconvex
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.point
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.chunk
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.grid
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.spawner
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.kingdoms
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.factions
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.worldguard
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.residence
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.towny
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.dicefurniture
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.wesphere
  • sv.selectiontypeconfig.wecuboid