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这是Bukkit帮助配置文件. 默认情况下,您不需要修改这个文件. 帮助主题的所有插件的命令是自动生成或从您的安装插件中提取. 如果你希望在服务器上添加新的帮助页面或者覆盖现有的插件命令的帮助页面,你只需要修改这个文件. 该文件分为以下几个部分: -- general-topics: 列出管理定义的帮助主题 -- index-topics: 列出管理定义的索引主题 -- amend-topics: 列出主题修改适用于现有的帮助主题 -- ignore-plugins: 列出应取消帮助的插件 下面给出实例。修改命令主题时,将在帮助主题中替换为现有值的字符串。颜色代码可用于主题文本。颜色编码的字符是由0-F.


Set this to true to list the individual command help topics in the master help. command-topics-in-master-index: true Each general topic will show up as a separate topic in the help index along with all the plugin command topics. 总主题:

       shortText: Rules of the server
       fullText: |
           &61. Be kind to your fellow players.
           &B2. No griefing.
           &D3. No swearing.
       permission: topics.rules

Each index topic will show up as a separate sub-index in the help index along with all the plugin command topics. To override the default help index (displayed when the user executes /help), name the index topic "Default". index-topics:

   Ban Commands:
       shortText: Player banning commands
       preamble: Moderator - do not abuse these commands
       permission: op
           - /ban
           - /ban-ip
           - /banlist

Topic amendments are used to change the content of automatically generated plugin command topics. amended-topics:

       shortText: Stops the server its tracks!
       fullText: <text> - This kills the server.
       permission: you.dont.have

Any plugin in the ignored plugins list will be excluded from help. The name must match the name displayed by the /plugins command. Ignore "Bukkit" to remove the standard bukkit commands from the index. Ignore "All" to completely disable automatic help topic generation. ignore-plugins:

  - PluginNameOne
  - PluginNameTwo
  - PluginNameThree