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Revision as of 21:12, 6 August 2019 by Qsefthuopq (talk | contribs) (创建页面,内容为“{{模板:ELBox}} 公会等级战利品限制器基于玩家的公会等级限制玩家可获得的最好的战利品。默认配置下玩家会受到以下限制: #…”)
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  1. 公会等级 1 (默认): 最高10级物品,100级怪物
  2. 公会等级 2: 最高20级物品, 200级怪物
  3. 公会等级 3: 最高30级物品, 300级怪物
  4. 公会等级 4: 最高40级物品, 400级怪物
  5. ···
  6. 公会等级 10: 最高100级物品, 1000级怪物

该机制如何运行 & 边缘案例

自从公会等级限制了玩家的战利品后,根据装备强度,玩家最多只能刷到特定等级的怪物。 Should players go hunt mobs with higher level friends, the loot that they will get will be of a lower level than their friends'. Combined with the soulbind enchantment, this curbs the issue of powerleveling quite a bit and allows admins to not have to worry about visitors reaching the maximum tier within a few minutes of joining the server / new players instantly getting loads of diamond tier items. Additionally, it gives players a deeper connection with their loot, as it makes it belong to them and only them.