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插件类型Spigot / CraftBukkit


翻译自:https://bukkit.org/threads/sec-lockette-simple-chest-and-door-lock-no-databases-moved-to-bukkitdev.4336/ (没错其实根本不是百科)


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  • French by Misa
  • German by Efstajas
  • Polish by Kamild1996
  • Dutch by Tofun
  • Danish by Dumle29
  • Slovenian by LiqouRiiCe
  • Spanish by Agubelu
  • Norwegian by Tio1999
  • Swedish by TheMineKraftor
  • Italian by Nikkolo_DTU






The purpose of this plugin is to restrict access to the contents of chests, dispensers, furnaces, and doors without the use of a database to track containers.

To use, simply place a signpost on the floor directly beside a chest or other container to be locked. Enter [Private] as the first line. Your own name will automatically be entered on line 2 as the chest owner. Optionally type in the full names of two other users allowed to access the chest's inventory on lines 3 and 4.

When done correctly, the sign will automatically fix itself to the side the target chest, protecting it from unauthorized access! Only the chest's owner can then break the sign or chest. (Warning: Anyone with permission to use WorldEdit commands or similar can circumvent the protection by removing the sign.)

dditionally, you can enter [Everyone] on lines 3 or 4 instead of a user name to allow everyone access to the contents of a private container, or [Operators] to allow ops access. If a Permissions plugin is available, you can use groups like [Moderator] or [Admins] or others as defined in the Permissions settings files.

The owner of a container can add more users by placing additional signs beside the container with the heading [More Users], where lines 2-4 specify the names of the additional users. You can edit the users on previously placed signs by right clicking the sign, and using the command '/lockette <line number> <text>' to change it.

Working with Doors:

To protect a door, you can use the same method as protecting a container, the sign will attach to the door automatically. In addition, you can attach a [Private] wall sign to any side of the blocks just above or just below a door. For double doors only one side needs a sign. Door support is enabled by default in the config file.

Once a door is protected it will only open for someone listed as a user, and will not respond to redstone power or switches unless [Everyone] is listed as a user. Iron doors which usually won't open from clicking will work just as wooden doors. In addition, double doors will open together automatically!

You can also use [More Users] signs as with containers, with the caveat that the sign cannot be placed on the block above the door if the [Private] sign is not above the door as well! (This is done to prevent a security uncertainty issue.)

Protected doors will be closed automatically if a timer is set. A timer can be set globally with a configuration option, or individually for each door by using the tag [Timer: #] on line 3 or 4 of the [Private] sign, where # is the number of seconds that the door should remain open. If the timer is set to 0, this means the door will never automatically close. If no timer is specified, protected doors will use a global timer set in the configuration file. If the server is shut down cleanly any open doors will be closed, but in the event of a server crash while a door is open, it may remain so. Note that the initial state of a door is assumed to be closed.

Care must me taken to place protected doors on a stable block. Building a door on sand, gravel, leaves, TNT and et cetera are allowed by the plugin, but cannot be secured fully. :3 Additionally, it should be noted that most status messages still refer to locked blocks as containers, so for the purpose of simplicity, doors should be considered as a type of container.


  • 完全不需要密码或者是数据库支持!
  • 不管放置了多少个Lockette箱子,权限的检查都会如期进行,绝不出错!
    • 单个箱子,一个所有者最多可以分享给另外11个人!(如果是大箱子则可以分享给另外17个人!)
    • 你可以将权限设置为[Everyone],但是即便如此,别人也不能敲碎你的箱子!
    • 允许应用权限插件中的组权限,你可以为每一个组做特别定制!
  • 给予OP和管理员特别的权力!在config中可以自行调配
    • 如果哪个管理员想捣蛋,也会在后台通报哦~
  • 保护小箱子和大箱子,外加酿药台、火炉等等
    • 保护爆炸、破坏对箱子和木牌的伤害
      • 甚至可以设置让所有的箱子(不管有没上锁)都能免遭爆炸侵扰!
  • 对门也是绝对支持,木门、铁门都不在话下;
    • 如果你建立了双门,并且没有使用红石,Lockette会自动为其提供保护;
    • 你也可以取消自动保护,甚至设置在哪些时候进行保护!
    • 使用红石来入侵门的行为可以完全被阻止;
  • 防止超过2格的超级大箱子生成;
  • 当使用Lockette时,会提供善良亲切的提示
    • 当箱子被放下时,就会显示上锁的信息;
    • 可以在配置文件中设置各种各样的信息
    • 支持各种语言


目前,你只能设置Lockette中的其中一小部分功能,按照这个路径找到配置文件:plugins → Lockette ,当你第一次加载Lockette之后,就能够在其中找到两个文件,分别是:
config.yml 以及 strings.yml,第一个文件掌控着下列功能:
  • enable-permissions → 允许