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IllegalStack是一款在Spigot服务端上开发的用于修复大量Minecraft服务器存在的严重漏洞的插件。IllegalStack目前只在1。8至1。14版本中生效。 is a Spigot based plugin for Minecraft servers that aims to close a significant amount of VANILLA exploits and bugs that have made it into final releases。 IllegalStack works on Spigot and Paper on versions 1。8 to current, and requires no special setup or changes to go between versions。

There are approximately 25 potentially game breaking exploits (depending on your version) that allow malicious users to wreak havoc on your server, these exploits range from game crashing exploits to duplicating items on the server。 A full list of protections can be found here and I am always looking for new ones and taking suggestions on how to improve the plugin。

Since it's first upload in july 2017 this plugin has grown from a simple plugin that only checked if items were in larger stacks than the vanilla limits, it has grown to a highly configurable exploit fighting machine that protects current versions as well as the earlier versions that are no longer updated or maintained by spigot/paper/mojang。

I try to act on reports of new exploits, bugs, suggestions etc as quickly as humanly possible so please don't hesitate to report an exploit or suggest a feature! You can use the Issues Page here on github, send me a message via spigot or hop on my discord and send a message!

IllegalStack是一款免费插件;但你 可以通过PayPal来对插件作者进行捐赠。

特性 & 保护


  1. 漏洞记录 - 将玩家涉嫌利用漏洞的操作保存到独立的文件内。
  2. 在指定世界关闭插件功能 - Disable IllegalStack checks in specified worlds。
  3. In Game Notifications - Send a notification to your staff|players whenever an exploit is detected。
  4. Configure / Translate almost every message sent by IllegalStack in messages。yml

1.14 修复漏洞:

  1. 禁止使用精准采集附魔书采集方块
  2. 阻止复制食物
  3. 阻止玩家利用村民交易刷取物品
    • Workstation replacement exploit。
    • zombie villager cure exploit。
    • broken restock timer exploit。

1.13 修复漏洞:

  1. 防止在村民游泳时进行交易以刷取物品。
  2. 大量烟花崩服。

1.12 修复漏洞:

  1. 防止使用合成之书复制物品。
  2. 防止使用物品展示框/活塞复制物品。

Protections affecting ALL versions of spigot/minecraft:

  1. End and Nether portal duping methods。
  2. Oversized Chunk Saving exploit with signs and books。
  3. Prevents pistons from being able to glitch minecarts inside solid blocks。
  4. Fixes items with non vanilla enchantment levels。
    • (Supports several major 3rd party plugins that break this rule。)
    • MCMMO
    • Slimefun
    • EpicRename
  5. Removes or Fixes items with an amount that is larger than the vanilla stack size。
    • allows for users with a permission to bypass this check。
    • allows admins to bypass this check。
    • option to blacklist or whitelist items。
    • Allows the removal of specific item types from players/inventories (eg bedrock)
    • destroys overstacked items found in hoppers。
  6. 阻止玩家爬上地狱顶部。
  7. Prevents auto clicker fishing and detects fishing mods。
  8. Prevents tnt dupers requiring indrect block power。

**多版本保护: **

(may not be active in ALL server versions but not specific to a single version)

  1. Prevent's players from being able to destroy bedrock。
  2. Prevents dupes involving mobs which have chests
  3. Prevents the hopper across unloaded chunks dupe。
  4. Prevents players from putting shulker boxes inside other shulker boxes。
  5. Prevents zero tick exploits。
  6. 防止铁轨/地毯复制机。

**用户提出的 / 稀有的保护功能: **

**(Most of the following are not needed for most users of this plugin, they are very special case use。) Please don't turn these on just because they're off, again it is quite rare you will ever need to turn them on。 **

  1. Ability to remove items from players/inventories based on their name。
  2. Ability to remove items from players/inventories based on their lore。
  3. Ability to set the plugin to notify for selected protections only INSTEAD of blocking (likely to be really spammy)
  4. Ability to prevent players with access to /gmc from bringing in items from single player worlds via the creative tab。 (Requires protocollib and sometimes does not work well with paper。)
  5. Ability to prevent zombies from ever picking up items。 (old drowned dupe)
  6. Ability to reset spawners of a specific type to pig spawners (when mined via silk touch)


All that you need to do to setup IllegalStack on your server is simply drop the latest version of IllegalStack in your plugins folder and restart。

IllegalStack will automatically detect your server version and enable the appropriate protections for your server, these protections and values will be stored in a file named config。yml。 You CAN edit config。yml with a text editor if you wish but we recommend using the in game /istack prot command to tweak IllegalStack's protections as IllegalStack will ensure that you're entering the right type of value and don't make any mistakes。



Method 1 - In game config editor。 IllegalStack has a powerful in game editor which can show you at a glance what protections are enabled on your server and allow you to turn them on / off as well as change their settings with a click of the mouse, every single option in IllegalStack's config。yml can be modified and set using this editor, there is no reason to ever need to reload the plugin / restart the server to activate configuration changes using this editor。

编辑 Config。yml

方法 2 - Editing config。yml。 You may edit the config。yml just like with any other spigot plugin but if you do so with the server running you MUST use the /istack reload command after you make your changes。 If you fail to use /istack reload command your changes will be lost。