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prefix: '&7[&bSkywars&7] '
Messages:  #编辑显示信息
 No-Permission: You dont have the permission to do this!  #没有权限
 Unknown-Command: Unknown command! use /sw for a list of commands  #不存在的指令
 Player-Join: You have joined the lobby!  #加入大厅消息
 Player-Leave: You have left the game!  #离开大厅消息
 Lobby-Not-Set: Lobby has not been set yet!  #不存在的大厅
 Already-In-Game: You are already in the game!  #已经在游戏中
 Not-In-Game: You are not in the game!  #不在游戏中
 Not-In-Lobby: You must be in the lobby to do this!  #不在大厅中的提示
 Coins-Update: Your coins have been updated!  #金钱数量已更新提示
 Modifier-Update: Your modifier has been updated!  #修改数据已更新提示
 Party-Must-Be-Leader: You must be the party leader to do this!  #在操作当前队伍时权限不足的提示
 Party-Player-Not-Available: Party member &b%member% &7is not available currently!  #没有可用的空闲玩家
 No-Available-Arena: Could not find any available arena!  #没有可用的房间
 Must-Have-Empty-Hand: You must have an empty hand to use this sign!  #必须要空手点击这个牌子
 Invalid-Mystery-Box: The mystery box has invalid settings!  #神秘的礼盒设置错误
 Tracking-Player: '&eTracking the player: %target%'  #跟踪某玩家
 Invalid-Entity: Invalid entity type.  #错误的实体
 Player-Kill: You have killed &e%target% &7and received &d%coins% &7coins and &d%exp% &7exp!  #杀人之后的统计信息
 Invalid-Item: Invalid item!  #不存在的物品
 Not-Enough-Coins: You dont have enough coins to do this!  #没有足够的金钱
 Not-Enough-Space: You dont have enough inventory space to do this!
 Item-Purchase: You have &asuccessfully &7purchased the item!  #物品购买成功
 Item-Select: 'You have selected the item: &a%item%'  #物品选择提示
 Cooldown: You must wait &d%seconds% &7seconds to do this again!  #冷却提示
 Unknown-Player: Could not find that player!  #不存在的玩家
 No-Available-Items: There are no available items that you can unlock!  #没有新物品可以解锁
 Mystery-Box-Item-Unlock: '&aCongratulations! &7you have unlocked the item: %item%'  #成功解锁一个新物品
 Party-New-Leader: '&e%player% &7is the new party leader!'  #队伍的队长变更时的提示信息
 Party-Unknown-Player: Could not find that player in your party!  #这个队伍中不存在该玩家
 Party-Self-Invite: You cant invite your self!  #队伍不能邀请自己加入
 Party-Join-Arena-No-Space: '&cYou can not join this arena because it does not have enough space!'  #房间没有足够的空间
 Player-Already-Invited: That player is already invited!  #已邀请过该玩家
 Item-Sell: You have &asuccessfully &7sold your item for &b%value% &7coin(s)!  #成功出售手中的物品
 Player-Inactive: That player is no longer active in the arena!  #玩家已死亡
 Command-Block: You may not use that command while ingame!  #不能在游戏中使用某指令
 Warning-Receive: '&cYou have received a warning! (%warnings%/%maxwarnings%)'  #得到一个警告
 Warning-Exceed: You have received too many warnings!  #得到了太多的警告
 Player-Rank-Up: You have &aranked &7up to rank &b%rank%&7!  #升级成功
 Arena-Not-Available: You may not join the arena at this time!  #房间尚未准备好
 Arena-Not-Enough-Spawnpoints: The arena does not have enough spawnpoints!  #房间传送点已满
 Arena-Full: The arena is full!  #房间已满
 Player-Spectate: You are now spectating the arena!  #已变成旁观者的提示
 Player-Join-Arena: '&e%player% &7has joined the game! &d(%players%/%maxplayers%)!'  #玩家加入房间时的信息
 Player-Join-Team: '&e%player% &7has joined your team! &d(%teamsize%/%maxteamsize%)!'  #玩家加入自己团队时的信息
 Player-Leave-Arena: '&e%player% &7has left the game! &d(%players%/%maxplayers%)!'  #玩家离开房间时的信息
 Player-Leave-Team: '&e%player% &7has left your team! &d(%teamsize%/%maxteamsize%)!'  #玩家离开自己团队时的信息
 Countdown-Cancel: Countdown has been cancelled due to insufficient amount of players!  #倒计时取消
 Arena-Starting-Countdown: The arena is starting in &b%seconds% &7seconds!  #开始倒计时
 Arena-Starting-Countdown-Shortening: The countdown timer has been skipped to &b%seconds% &7seconds!  #房间开始缩短倒计时时间
 Arena-Start: The game has begun!  #游戏开始
 Killstreak-Award: '&a&lYou have received the &e&l%killstreak% &a&lplayer killstreak awards!'  #杀人奖励
 Leave-Arena-Error: Only the leader of the party can do this!  #离开房间时错误提示
 Block-Break-Below-Team: '&cYou can not break the block below your team!'  #不可以坑队友提示信息
 Player-Vote: '&d%player% &6has voted for &e%option% &c(%votes%)!'  #玩家投票成功提示
 Kit-Receive: You have received your &a%kit% &7kit items!  #得到某职业特定物品的信息
 Game-Cancel: Game has been cancelled because it has exceeded its time limit!  #游戏取消
 Chests-Refill: Chests have been refilled!  #箱子已刷新
 Arena-Borders-Leave: '&cYou can not leave the arena borders!'  #房间边界
 Arena-Borders-Outside: '&cYou are outside the arena borders!'  #在房间边界外
 Arena-Finish: '&aCongratulations! &7you have won the game!'  #赢得某房间的比赛
 Arena-Finish-Prize: You have received &d%coins% &7coins for winning!  #赢得某房间的比赛获得奖励
 Team-Player-Eliminate: '&e%player% &7has been eliminated from your team! &d(%teamsize%/%maxteamsize%)!'  #玩家被团队踢出
 Party-Player-Leave: You have left the party!  #离开队伍
 Party-Player-Leave-Alert: '&c%player% &7has left the party!'  #离开队伍提示信息
 Party-Full: This party is full!  #队伍已满
 Party-Join: '&e%player% &7has joined the party!'  #加入队伍提示信息
 Party-Not-Invited: You are not invited to this party!  #没有被该队伍邀请的提示
 Party-Invite-Send: '&e%player% &7has sent an invitation to &a%target%'  #邀请某人到队伍中的提示信息
 Party-Invite-Receive: You have been invited to &b%leader%&7 party! this invitation will expire in &d%seconds% &7seconds!  #被邀请到某队伍
 Party-Invitation-Expire: Party invitation has expired!  #队伍邀请国旗
 Party-Player-Kick: You have been kicked!  #被某队伍踢出
 Party-Player-Kick-Alert: '&e%leader% &7has kicked &c%player%'  #队伍踢出玩家时的提示信息
 Invalid-Party: Invalid party.  #不存在的队伍
 Invalid-Arena: Invalid arena.  #不存在的房间
 Spectator-Tip: As a spectator, you can left click air or right click a block to access the &a&nspectator gui!  #旁观者功能介绍
 Player-Move: You moved! Task &ccancelled!  #传送时移动,传送失败
 Player-Movement-Disabled: Do not move for &d%seconds% &7seconds!  #提示在传送时不要移动
 Arrow-Hit: '&e%player% &7is now on &c%health% %heart%&e!'  #弓箭射到某人时显示某人的剩余血量信息
 Item-Owned: '&cYou have already purchased this item!'  #已经购买了该物品,不能重复购买
 Reload-Kick: Plugin has been reloaded! due to that you have been kicked  #插件被重新加载,所以玩家被踢出
Death-Messages:  #死亡消息
 FALL: '&e%player% &7fell to their death!'  #摔死
 ENTITY_ATTACK: '&e%player% &7was killed by a monster!'  #被实体杀死
 LAVA: '&e%player% &7thought swimming in lava is fun!'  #被岩浆烧死
 SUFFOCATION: '&e%player% &7suffocated!'  #窒息
 VOID: '&e%player% &7fell into the void!'  #窒息
 DROWNING: '&e%player% &7does not know how to swim!'  #被水淹死
 FIRE: '&e%player% &7burned to their death!'  #被火烧死
 FIRE_TICK: '&e%player% &7burned to their death!'  #被火焰烧死
 ENTITY_EXPLOSION: '&e%player% &7exploded into million pieces!'  #被炸死
 BLOCK_EXPLOSION: '&e%player% &7exploded into million pieces!'  #某人爆炸了
 UNKNOWN: '&e%player% &7has been killed by an unknown object!'  #不知怎么的就死了
 PLAYER:  #跟玩家有关
   SUICIDE: '&e%player% &7has killed himself!'  #自杀
   OTHER:  #其它
   - '&c%player% &ehas been killed by &a%killer%&e!'  #谁被谁杀死了
   - '&c%player% &ewas brutally murdered by &a%killer%&e!'  #谁被谁谋杀了
   - '&c%player% &eweapon could not stand against &a%killer%&e!'  #谁的武器抵挡不住谁的攻击,被杀死了
   - '&a%killer% &egave a helping hand in &c%player% &edeath!'  #谁为谁的死亡帮了一把
   - '&a%killer% &ecould not resist killing &c%player%&e!'  #谁大杀特杀谁
Scoreboard:  #记分板
 Title: '&b&lSKYWARS'  #标题
 Header: '&6&m-----------'
 Footer: '&6&m-----------'
 Tags:  #标签
   Mode: '&b> Mode:'
   Time: '&b> Time:'
   Players: '&b> Players:'
   Arena: '&b> Arena:'
   Next-Event: '&b> Next event:'
Lobby-Scoreboard:  #大厅记分板
 Title: '&b&lSKYWARS'  #标题
 Content:  #目录
 - '&6&m-----------'
 - '&b> Kills/Deaths'
 - '%kills%/%deaths%'
 - '&b> Coins:'
 - '%coins%'
 - '&b> Wins:'
 - '%wins%'
 - ' '
 - '&b> Kit:'
 - '%selected_kit%'
 - '&b> Cage:'
 - '%selected_cage%'
 - '&b> Trail:'
 - '%selected_trail%'
 - '&6&m-----------'
Signs:  #告示牌
 Title: '&3[SW]'
 Leave: '&bleave'
 Autojoin: '&bautojoin'
 Join: '&bjoin'
 Arena-Color: '4'
States:  #统计数据
 WAITING: '&aWaiting'
 STARTING: '&eStarting'
 INGAME: '&cIngame'
 ENDING: '&dEnding'
 ROLLBACKING: '&cRollbacking'
 QUEUED: '&cQueued'
 DISABLED: '&cDisabled'
Inventories:  #物品栏
 Profile: '&9Your profile'
 Stats: '&9Your Stats'
 Confirm-Purchase: '&cConfirm your purchase!'
 Party-Settings: '&cParty Settings'
 Spectator-Teleporter: '&cTeleport to players'
 Spectator-Menu: '&9Spectator Menu'
 Arenas-Selector: '&9Arenas'
 Achievements: '&cAchievements'
 Shop: '&9Shop'
 Parties: '&9Parties'
 Player-Inviter: '&9Invite Players'
 Party-Players: '&9Party Players:'
 Arena-Settings: '&9Arena Settings'
 Quit-Inventory: '&cAre you sure you want to quit?'
 Sell-Confirm: '&cAre you sure about this?'
Items:  #物品
 Quit: 'MAGMA_CREAM : name:&cQuit : lore:&7Click to quit the game!'
 Play: 'DIAMOND_AXE : name:&6Play : lore:&7Click to join a game!'
 Shop: 'EMERALD : name:&aShop : lore:&7Click to buy new items!'
 Profile: 'SKULL_ITEM:3 : name:&bProfile : lore:&7Click to view your profile!'
 Inventory: 'CHEST : name:&bInventory'
 Achievements: 'ENDER_CHEST : name:&dAchievements'
 Stats: 'PAPER : name:&aStats'
 Party: 'WORKBENCH : name:&dParty : lore:&7Click to manage your party!'
 Teleporter: 'COMPASS : name:&bTeleport : lore:&7Click to teleport to other players'
 Autojoin: 'WATCH : name:&b&lAutojoin : lore:&7Click to join the best : lore:&7available
 Back: 'EYE_OF_ENDER : name:&aBack : lore:&7Click to go back!'
 Vote: 'WATCH : name:&d&lVote : lore:&7Click to vote for the arena settings'  #投票
 Confirm: 'STAINED_GLASS:5 : name:&aConfirm'
 Cancel: 'STAINED_GLASS:14 : name:&cCancel'
 Next: 'STAINED_GLASS:5 : name:&aNext page'
 Previous: 'STAINED_GLASS:14 : name:&cPrevious page'
 Create: 'BEACON : name:&aCreate : lore:&7Click to create a party!'
 Join: 'CHEST : name:&cJoin : lore:&7Click to join a party!'
 Invite: 'ENDER_CHEST : name:&aInvite : lore:&7Click to invite players'
 Leave: 'TNT : name:&cLeave : lore:&7Click to leave the party'
TitleManager:  #标题管理器
 Starting: '&cStarting in &e%seconds% &cseconds'
 Starting-Shortening: '&cTimer skipped to &e%seconds% &cseconds'
 Start: '&cGame has begun!'
 Finish: '&aCongratulations!'
 Player-Spectate: '&cYou are now spectating!'
 Killstreak: '&cYou have a killstreak of &b%killstreak%'
Lores:  #物品标签(Lore)
 Description: '&eDescription:'
 Rarity: '&eRarity: %rarity%'
 Value: '&eValue: &d%price%$'
 Armor: '&eArmor:'
 Helmet: '&5 - &aHelmet: &d%helmet%'
 Chestplate: '&5 - &aChestplate: &d%chestplate%'
 Leggings: '&5 - &aLeggings: &d%leggings%'
 Boots: '&5 - &aBoots: &d%boots%'
 Items: '&eItems:'
 Item: '&5 - &d%item%'
 No-Items: '&dNONE'
 Permission-Needed: '&cRequires Permission'
 Selling: '&cSold for &e%coins% &ccoin(s)!'
 Lines: '&b&m-------------'
 Players: '&ePlayers: &b%players%&e/&b%maxplayers%'
 Teams: '&eTeams: &b%teams%&e/&b%maxteams%'
 Type: '&eType: &d%type%'
 State: '&eState: %state%'
Chat-Prefixes:  #聊天格式
 Rank: '&7[&b%rank%&7] '
 Global: '&7[&6Global&7] '
 Party: '&7[&dParty&7] '
 Lobby: '&7[&bLobby&7] '
 Spectator: '&7[Spec] '
 Alive: '&7[&aAlive&7] '


Load-Delay-Ticks: 10
Empty-Chunk-Generator: false
use-UUID: false
use-Vault: false
String-Coins: 2000
Coins-Per-Kill: 10
Coins-Per-Win: 50
Min-Exp-Per-Kill: 2
Max-Exp-Per-Kill: 5
Celebration-Length: 10
Max-Warnings: 3
Party-Invitation-Length: 30
Allow-Spectators-Inventory-View: true
Load-Skins-On-Skulls: true
Disable-Natural-Mob-Spawning: true
Show-Health-On-Bow-Hit: true
Fireworks-Enabled: true
Leash-Mobs: false
Display-Rank-In-Chat: true
Selling-Value: 0.33
Max-Arena-Size: 4500000
Update-Leaderboard-Every-Minutes: 15
Broadcaster-Send-Every: 60
Check-For-Updates: true
- 60
- 30
- 15
- 5
- 4
- 3
- 2
- 1
- sw
- skywars
- tell
- help
- r
- msg
- ban
- kick
- report
 Block-Type: ENDER_CHEST
 Cost: 500
 - 'Kits : 30%'
 - 'Cages : 35%'
 - 'Trails : 35%'
 - 'Common : 60%'
 - 'Rare : 30%'
 - 'Legendary : 10%'
 Default-Slots: 3
 - '4 :'
 - '5 :'
 - '6 :'
   enabled: true
   slot: 1
   enabled: true
   slot: 2
   enabled: true
   slot: 3
   enabled: true
   slot: 5
   enabled: true
   slot: 9
 Slot-Overwrite: 3
 Item-Duplicate: 3
 enabled: false
 hub: lobby
 enabled: false
 table: Skywars
 host: localhost
 port: 3306
 database: database
 username: root
 password: root
 max_uuid_size: 36
 Scan-Speed: 50000
 Repair-Speed: 10000
 Queue-Size: 1
 Send-Status-Update-Every: 20
 First-Rank-Exp: 20
 Rank-Modifier: 1.3
 Max-Rank: 30
 Player-Win: []
 - time set 1000 %world%
 Enabled: true
 Save-Every-Minutes: 10
 enabled: false
 display-image: false
 default: '&a'
 randomizer-enabled: true
 - '&2'
 - '&3'
 - '&5'
 - '&6'
 - '&7'
 - '&8'
 - '&9'
 - '&a'
 - '&b'
 - '&c'
 - '&d'
 - '&e'
 enabled: false
 interval: 8
 - '&b&lSKYWARS'
 - '&e&lSKYWARS'
 - '&b&lSKYWARS'
 - '&a&lSKYWARS'
 - '&b&lSKYWARS'
 - '&c&lSKYWARS'
 - '&e&lS&b&lKYWARS'
 - '&b&lS&e&lK&b&lYWARS'
 - '&b&lSK&e&lY&b&lWARS'
 - '&b&lSKY&e&lW&b&lARS'
 - '&b&lSKYW&e&lA&b&lRS'
 - '&b&lSKYWA&e&lR&b&lS'
 - '&b&lSKYWAR&e&lS'
Action-Bar-Enabled: true
 enabled: true
 fadeIn: 10
 stay: 40
 fadeOut: 10


Types:  #箱子配置样例
   min-items: 25
   max-items: 27
   - 'STONE : 16'
   - 'DIRT : 16'
   - 'WOOD : 16'
   - 'WOOD : 16'
   - 'WOOD : 16'
   - 'SAND : 16'


Shops:  #商店配置样例
 '&cKits #1':
   '10': Griefer
   '11': Miner
   '12': Armorer
   '13': Trainer
 '&9Cages #1':
   '10': Brown Cage
   '11': Wood Cage
   '12': Grass Cage
   '13': Orange Cage
   '14': Log Cage
   '15': Purple Cage
   '16': Lime Cage
 '&9Cages #2':
   '10': Bookshelf Cage
   '11': Workbench Cage
   '12': Green+ Cage
   '13': White+ Cage
 '&eTrails #1':
   '10': Green Trail
   '11': White Trail
   '12': Lime Trail
   '13': Dirt Trail
 '&eTrails #2':
   '10': Purple+ Trail
   '11': Pink+ Trail
   '12': Workbench Trail
   '13': Ice Trail


Kits:  #职业配置样例
   permission: none
   rarity: LEGENDARY
   value: 5000
   helmet: AIR
   chestplate: 'LEATHER_CHESTPLATE : enchant:PROTECTION_FIRE:5'
   leggings: AIR
   boots: AIR
   - 'FLINT_AND_STEEL : 1'
   - 'LAVA_BUCKET : 2'
   - '&7Set everyone on fire and'
   - '&7watch them burn while'
   - '&7you laugh and swim in lava'[/SIZE]


Cages:  #战前玻璃笼子外观配置样例
 item: GLASS
 permission: none
 rarity: COMMON
 value: 0
 floor: GLASS
 lower-middle: GLASS
 middle: GLASS
 higher-middle: GLASS
 roof: GLASS
 Snow Cage:
 permission: none
 rarity: COMMON
 value: 750
 floor: SNOW_BLOCK
 lower-middle: SNOW_BLOCK
 middle: AIR
 higher-middle: SNOW_BLOCK


Trails:  #粒子效果配置样例
 Brown Trail:
 item: WOOL:12
 permission: none
 rarity: COMMON
 value: 750
 Sponge Trail:
 item: SPONGE
 permission: none
 rarity: COMMON
 value: 750


Achievements:  #成就配置样例
 description: Get 10 kills!
 prize-description: Earn 100 coins!
 executed-command: sw coins add %player% 100
 description: Get 30 kills!
 prize-description: Earn 300 coins!
 executed-command: sw coins add %player% 300
 description: Win 1 game(s)!
 prize-description: Earn 100 coins!
 executed-command: sw coins add %player% 100
 description: Win 5 game(s)!
 prize-description: Earn 500 coins!
 executed-command: sw coins add %player% 500
 description: Win 10 game(s)!
 prize-description: Earn 1000 coins!
 executed-command: sw coins add %player% 1000


top-line: '&3&m----------&b Skywars &3&m----------'
bottom-line: '&3&m---------------------------'
- '&b- &eRemember that you can always create a party or join one to play with your
- '&b- &eWant to earn coins faster? check the achievements you have not unlocked!
 they provide decent prizes'


enabled: true
team-size: 1
min-teams: 2
max-teams: 3
lobby-countdown: 20
game-length: 900
- 600
- 300