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NPCDestinations - Farmer Addon

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插件名称 NPCDestinations - Farmer Addon
最新版本 2.11
前置插件 NPCDestinations
兼容服务端 1.8.3-1.13
作者 Nutty101
源地址 spigotmc


This add on to the Destinations plugin offers your NPC the ability to till, harvest, and plant crops on a farm. Fully automated farms are now possible with one simple command.

  • 收获区域内的农作物
    • 支持农作物:
      • 仙人掌
      • 甘蔗
      • 胡萝卜
      • 土豆
      • 甜菜根
      • 西瓜
      • 南瓜
      • 小麦
    • Area's are configurable as either a world-guard region, or a distance from the destination location (aka 10 blocks from center)
    • You can also define if the NPC replants the same crop with a single flag
  • Uses any type of hoe to till the ground to soil
    • Only tills Dirt and Grass squares automatically.
  • Ability to limit the NPC to only plant items held in either hand
    • Ex: Give them a carrot and they will plant that crop in their area if soil exists.
  • NPCs can be setup to store the inventory they harvest in their personal inventory, or do nothing with it.
    • If the inventory is to full, items are destroyed.



  1. Click on the [​IMG] icon to enable the farmer plugin for that NPC. This will change it to green.


  1. Click on the same icon on the desired location below in the list.


  1. It will have populated your chat with a partial command (/npcdest --npc # locfarmer # <distance from center / Region name>)
  2. Using the screenshot below, choose what you want to do with that location.

Distance is how many blocks from the destination you want to allow farming. Region is the name of the region that the location is next to or inside of.​

  1. Once that is done, you will want to equip the farmer with something.

Main hand: Add a hoe and it will till the land it works (Dirt / grass to soil) 副手: 种子、胡萝卜或土豆Seeds, carrot, or potato to have it plant that type of crop.

​ 之后NPC就会收获农作物了.


npcdestinations.{editall 或 editown}.locfarmer: 允许玩家设置所有或属于自己的农民NPC.